Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Doors are gateways to and through your structure.

Malfunctioning doors can quickly jeopardise the flow of your guests and staff. Furthermore, a fire door that saves lives, energy and fits perfectly into your environment will not go unnoticed by your customers and associates.

This is where we − Aluflam Marine − come into play. We produce glazed fire doors and provide full customer service of superior quality.

Fitting & Glazing

If replacement of doors is what is required, we are experts at fitting aluminium-framed glazed units − no matter what the structure.

Our doors use the most up-to-date designs and high-end materials to ensure they are hardwearing and attractive, while providing you with the high levels of safety and insulation you need.

With our great selection of type certificates, we have the options to offer you something to suit your taste perfectly and integrate with your structure beautifully.

Maintenance & Guarantee

We can provide you with the most suitable Maintenance & Guarantee service to ensure a long-life product and completely satisfied customers.

Sometimes, replacement can be more time-saving and cost-effective than maintenance, providing it does not require dockyard downtime – but we can maintain or even replace our doors whilst the ship is at sea by producing them as knock-down systems.

All our models are manufactured to the highest standards of safety and quality. All our fitters are experienced craftsman who take pride in their work. They do their job professionally, efficiently and thoroughly, leaving no mess for others to clean up.