Aluflam marine has the capability to deliver fire And non fire rated doors and windows up to 28.5 KN/m2 pressure

Aluflam Marine produce fire-rated aluminum doors and glass walls for the marine and offshore sector.

Using our innovative and patented technology combines insulated aluminum framing and laminated glass, our mission is to enhance the safety onboard, so that all staff and guests can feel safe in case of fire.

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Our products

Glazed Aluminum A60 Constructions

A60 fire rated doors and partitions with fire protection for up to 60 min.

Glazed Aluminum B15 Constructions

B15 fire rated doors and partitions with fire protection for up to 30 min.

Aluminum Non-fire Rated Doors

High quality aluminum doors and partitions.

Special Windows

High quality aluminum glass systems for walls and roofs.

We believe in quality & sustainability

We believe, that quality and comfort combined with simple designs and respect for the surroundings are important elements. Therefore, all our products are custom-made to enhance the performance, create greater value and match the expectations of our customers.

Sustainability is highly prioritized in our manufacturing process. Therefore, we aim to recycle as much as possible in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

With over 350 projects worldwide, Aluflam Marine has a wide range of expertise and experiment that enables us to expand and innovate our products.