Our Approach

We create products that protect lives and provide the best comfort and lighting through simple design, knowledge and respect for nature and the elements.

We recycle as much as possible in the manufacturing process in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

And because we believe custom-made products enhance service performance and add great value to our clients, Aluflam Marine supplies complete solutions.

The Latest

Aluflam Marine – a worldwide constructor
23 Oct 04:09 pm

Aluflam Marine is a worldwide constructor. Last week the journey took us to the mini London Eye,...

Aluflam Marine A/S – a few hours plane ride away
8 Oct 04:45 pm

Aluflam Marine A/S is no longer more than a few hours plane ride away. At Aluflam Marine,...

Certification for A60 Double Sliding doors
21 Feb 08:46 pm

A nice day at work, today we got our certification for A60 Double Sliding doors signed and...

Meeting with the Dansk Materiale Netværk
12 Feb 05:42 pm

Last week, our Sales Director Mr. Brian Pedersen was invited by the Dansk Materiale Netværk (DMN –...

Aluflam Marine 28.5 Kn Pressure Test Successful Verification
2 Jan 08:15 pm

Aluflam Marine A/S is proud to inform you about the first news in year 2019. We have...

Our Team

Brian Pedersen
Sales Director, Marine

Tomas Josvilas
Production Group Manager

Anette Brügger

Christopher Scheel
Chief of Engineering & Sales

Nikolajus Kiseliovas
Production Manager

Bo Knabe Sørensen
Service Manager

Tina Holm

Armantas Maceika
QS & Logistics

Martin Andersen
O&M Coordinator

Flemming Kjær
Finance Manager

Peter Birch
Aluflam Group Owner & CEO

Jytte H. C. Kjær
Co-Owner & Accounting Manager