Edda Accommodation, operated by Østensjø Rederi, has placed an order for a new monohull accommodation vessel plus one optional vessel at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. By placing this order, Edda Accommodation is expanding the commercial and technical success of its existing accommodation vessel, Edda Fides.

This next generation Offshore Accommodation Vessel, designed by Salt Ship Design, is 155 metres long and will have a total accommodation capacity of 800 people in single or double cabins. The interior of the vessel is of executive standard and will include 850 m2 of office space as well as recreation areas, such as modern gym, sauna, two swimming pools, conference rooms and an auditorium.

Most of the office rooms are glazed with Aluflam Marine’s B15 and A60 products. The first vessel will be delivered in late 2015.

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